Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. These include the muscles, the skin, tendons, ligaments and other forms of connective tissue. It is something we all do naturally. The simple act of stroking the skin to relieve a localised pain or discomfort is a natural and basic form of massage. Massage therapy is a safe and effective procedure to assist in stress management. In conjunction with any medical treatment already in place, massage therapy is an effective way to assist the body to regain balance in many areas and to assist in the management of musculo-skeletal problems. Massage is generally done using the light application of an oil o­n the skin to allow for a steady and continuous flow of movement.


Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage treats both the cause and the symptoms of wide range of muscular conditions. The cause of pain and symptoms is often soft-tissue in origin and may come from trigger points in the muscles. There are many causes of trigger points such as poor posture, stress, incorrect lifting techniques, sporting or work related injuries, and plenty of other everyday activities. Remedial Massage involves assessing the presenting condition, identifying the problem and consequent treatment through a variety of techniques. Remedial Massage uses a number of different treatment techniques. Among these are;

· Soft Tissue Techniques

Various deep tissue massage techniques used for treatment.

· Stretching

Therapist assisted and self stretching to lengthen muscle fibres as appropriate to the treatment.

· Thermal Therapies

The use of heat packs and ice packs appropriate to the treatment.

· Rehabilitative Exercises

Exercises for strengthening, stabilising and stretching.

 Conditions effectively treated by Remedial Massage include; Muscular aches and pains, sporting injuries, acute muscle strains and tears, chronic muscle injuries, tendonitis, headaches, neck pain and stiffness, shoulder strains and impingement syndromes, tennis, jogging and golfers elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, mid back stiffness, lower back pain and stiffness, lumbar instability, gluteal pain, sciatic pain, leg pain, muscle spasm associated with arthritic conditions.


The Benefits and Therapeutic Response of the body to massage

 · Lowering stress levels.

· Assist in relief of some forms of headache.

· Calming affect which can assist in improving sleep patterns.

· Improves joint range of movement.

· Relieves muscular tension - neck,low back and shoulder areas.

· Stimulates the blood flow and the lymphatic system, improves circulation locally - this can assist in removal of waste products and healing processes in localised areas.

· Assists in the management of some musculo-skeletal problems.

· Post-operative rehabilitation.